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Feb 24

Solving Fake Problems

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Effective advertising targets the need a problem present and how a customer ineffectively has met that need. Occasionally we encounter advertising that seems to create a problem that doesn’t exist in order to demonstrate a way to meet the problem they want to solve.

An example is the recent advertising for Domino’s pizza focusing on how they will fix a mistake quickly without charge. However, fixing a mistake should go without saying.  It’s like driving your new car out of the showroom and the transmission drops in the road two miles down the street.  They agree to take care of it for you. “Of course you will,” you say. I don’t think most of us would respond positively to a new car ad explaining how quickly they will fix warranty problems.  There shouldn’t be a problem to fix in the first place.

I don’t recall ever having a problem with an incorrect pizza delivery. In these days of my advancing age, we don’t order a lot of pizza anyway.  However, my perspective is that this simply isn’t a major problem.

Additionally, in one of the ads you see an excited person in the pizza kitchen saying, “We’re going to expedite this order.” The inference to me is that my order will not be expedited because they’re fixing their mistake on someone else’s order.  But shouldn’t everyone’s order be expedited?

A key point to remember is this: if your marketing audience is not already aware that a problem exists, then your marketing will fail. Why would anyone buy a product when they don’t understand a clear need?

My view concerning the Domino’s ad is that they are raising concern among customers that there’s a quality problem, that they make too many mistakes. If I ordered pizza for delivery, I want the pizza on time, warm and prepared according to my order.  I don’t want to call anyone to deliver my correct order later, even if it’s for free.

Paul wrote, “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” (1 Philippians 4:19, NIV) The focus is meeting needs.  Whenever a business wanders away from this concept of finding out what customers want, there is a collision waiting and the business won’t end up on top. 

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