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Category >> Getting and Keeping Customers
Jan 02

Working Through Customer Complaints

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Most of us will encounter an unhappy customer who lodges a complaint. A businessperson can look at these complaints as an opportunity to respond to a shortcoming in service which is fixable or as an annoyance to be ignored as much as possible. If we learn to adapt a simple system to work towards a constructive solution, the outcome will be better for everyone. Here is a strategy I have used:

Dec 29

Keep Ads Short

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

In today’s environment advertisers are forced to shorten message content for two simple reasons. First, ad time on radio, television and print media is extremely costly. In most situations, the days of the sixty-second commercial are replaced by the fifteen-second pitch. Even in websites and email communication, prospects will usually only give a passing glance. Either we hook them quickly or the fish is gone.

Dec 28

Establish Rapport

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

I am by nature an introvert and I don’t mix easily during business networking events.  Engaging with business prospects whom I don’t know is not in my comfort zone. There are times I don’t know what to say.  However, I found an easy way around this problem—asking questions.

For example, during a business mixer most people have a name tag with their business on it.  This opens an opportunity to ask more about the business as well as their role. These questions frequently open the door to ask about hobbies, where they live in town and other areas of interest. 

By engaging an individual using questions, I don’t need to think about what to say next or how to act. I merely keep asking questions and show an interest in the person I meet. Usually, the individual reciprocates with questions for me.  While I answer them, my main goal is to encourage the person to talk about the most important person in their life, generally themselves. I don’t say this as a judgment of a person’s self-centeredness.  I merely accept the reality that most individuals enjoy talking about themselves and items that interest them. During business gatherings their business situation is clearly a great opener and provides many follow-up question opportunities.

Dec 05

Offer Options to Your Customers

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Customers like options. If we only offer one option, a prospect may walk away if it’s not something the customer wants. If we offer too many options, we may confuse the customer and create indecision and cause them not to buy. The same thing happens if you go to a restaurant with an eight-page menu. Sometimes you get so confused you don’t know what to do. In these circumstances I retreat to something familiar, which may or may not be the best choice.

One principle to follow is to offer your customers a good, better and best option, called a GBB for short. For example, offer one unit at a reasonable price, three units at a discount and perhaps six at a deeper discount. Sometimes you can use free shipping to enhance one of these options.

Nov 21

Target Your Christmas Gifts

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

When we select Christmas gifts for children, friends, and family, we usually give significant thought to them. My mom was a thoughtful gift giver on Christmas and special occasions. In business we should also target our gift giving whenever practical.