Quarterback Dak Prescott Highlights Risk

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a severe ankle injury last Sunday which will require extensive surgery for repair.  While the star quarterback hopes to gain a full recovery, these types of injuries present unpredictable issues about whether a complete recovery is possible.

On the financial side, Prescott was reportedly offered a five-year contract worth $175 million. Instead he opted for a one-year deal reportedly around $30 million, not a bad paycheck. The quarterback was thinking that if the season was successful, this year’s open bidding might result in a more lucrative contract.

Now, with a severe injury, his financial future is cloudy.


Similarly, businesspersons today must grasp the principle that nothing is a 100% guaranteed. King Solomon wrote, “Since no one knows the future, who can tell someone else what is to come?” (Ecclesiastes 8:7, NIV) I don’t want these comments to sound critical of Prescott’s decision because I am not. At the least, he still has a huge payday regardless of the status of his ankle injury.  If proceeds from his current salaries are effectively used and invested and he does not overspend, he should be set for life.

Entrepreneurs need to forecast the future even though there are times when our forecast may not be accurate.  Very few forecasted the timing of the COVID-19 pandemic which devastated many businesses. Still, businesspersons need to understand future customer demands and marketplace factors and organize the business to fit the demands and changes that could occur.  They should consistently make decisions which will have a significant impact in the future.

In Prescott’s situation, if he can to fully recover, big dollar contracts will likely follow. If not, he may look back on this current situation and regret what could have been.

Since we cannot predict the future, we need to ask the Lord regularly which course of action is correct and rely on the direction and peace that only God can provide. In my personal situation I have at times moved forward without feeling totally settled concerning the Lord’s direction. I’ve always paid a price for it.  Other times I have listened to the Lord’s prompting and looked back on it to understand the blessings of walking closely with the Lord.

We all wish Prescott a full recovery.  May I repeat that I am not critical of Prescott’s decisions.  However, I consider his injury a life lesson and would remind all of us that no business action will ever have a 100% guaranteed success.