Demonstrating Passion Isn’t Enough

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Frequently a presenter on Shark Tank will talk about how passionate they are about their product, service or business. Unfortunately for the presenter, the investors don't really care much about the person's passion; they care about what the presenter can do and how the business can be successful. We've all seen people who are passionate about a concept that eventually fails.


For example, I do some part-time marketing for a damage restoration business. When I meet with prospective referral people or customers, I don't spend time showing them how passionate I am about cleaning up their sewer backup.  Rather, I focus on the knowledge I have that applies to their circumstance.

Your passion without knowledge creates very little reason for a customer to buy from you.  Understanding your product or service and clearly explaining it will be more effective at showing your customer why they should do business with you.

Passion is an over-used word today. It doesn't deliver the necessary message to your customer. I may be passionate about restoring a customer's home after water or smoke damage to their property, but I prefer to demonstrate my passion with clear and concise information about how the customer's property may be returned to its previous condition. My excitement doesn't encourage the client to sign a work order; understanding how effective the service is, will.

King Solomon wrote, “Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.” (Proverbs 19:2, NLT) When we speak of our business with knowledge, our passion will show more than excitement.  It will demonstrate our ability to customers that we know what we’re talking about. Make sure you connect your passion to your knowledge to grow your business.

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