Don’t Waste Time While Driving

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I spend time in my car that I don't like to waste. I can divide my driving into three categories:  long trips of several hours or more, 30 minute trips and trips of uneven length as I drive around town making visits to customers and prospects. I don’t want to waste my drive time.

For long trips I listen to downloaded preaching messages or business books on audio when it doesn’t interfere with my driving concentration.  When I'm not driving I'm able to take notes. Anytime I read a book, my goal is to learn one or two ideas I can implement.  I'm not looking to remember a lot of detail, but if I can utilize three ideas effectively.


For the intermediate driving, I specifically listen to a pastor’s message to glean spiritual truth. I plan in advance what I would like to hear and digest.

The third category involves driving around town with frequent stops. I do some marketing for a damage restoration company. In some instances I may be one or two minutes between stops. In other situations, it may take ten minutes. I don't like to listen to music or radio programs. I want to focus on my calls so I pray.

When I am preparing to visit a customer or prospect, I pray that the Lord would give me ears to hear and be effective at meeting the customer’s needs. I don't have this focus while listening to the latest radio rant or news program. 

After I leave a customer, I like to think through how the visit went.  Did I miss something? Do I need to follow up?  Is there a possibility that I missed a signal the customer was sending me? Again, if I'm listening to a radio program or even music my mind doesn't digest the call I just made. When the Lord gives me insight on the last call, I like to make a couple of notes before going to my next visit. This helps me retain what I learned. 

In stressful situations, I may listen to Christian music; but I do that only when I need to de-stress. 

When I travel by air, I take things to do.  I read a book that will either strengthen me spiritually or in business. I use the time for tasks I can accomplish in the tiny plane seat and try not to look out the window. Some may view me as being a bit rigid, but I point to the words of Paul who wrote, ”Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.”(Ephesians 5:15-16, NIV) 

I can’t afford to waste time.   I want to use the time I spend driving in a car productively as well.

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