Should I Hire a Personal Assistant?

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In our businesses we tend to be very busy.  Many business owners work 45, 50 or 60 hours a week to get everything done. These time commitments add more stress to the multiple challenges we have accomplishing personal items. 

One option that comes with some expense is to consider hiring a personal assistant.  A personal assistant can take care of many activities and release a busy business owner from tasks that can be delegated. When I consult with business clients, I work with them to understand what work that can be delegated to employees working a lower wage. Using the same principle, a business owner may be able to hire a personal assistant to take care of many routine life activities.

For example, what if your car needs to go into the shop. Instead of taking several hours out of your day to drive to the garage, wait, and drive a car back; a personal assistant could give you back these hours for more productive and profitable use.

An assistant can take care of a lot of tasks on your errand list, like grocery shopping or picking up dry cleaning.  The assistant can also pickup and drop-off children as needed.

If you believe hiring a personal assistant may have some benefit, draft a complete job description just like you would if you were hiring someone for your business.  A job description prevents misunderstanding and outlines what you expect. It identifies the hours that you expect an assistant to provide as well as the flexibility you may be able to offer.  Remember that a very attractive aspect of the job may its flexibility and the ability to get paid for it. 

Be very careful about whom you hire because they will have access to some of your personal business. You don’t want to hire a gossip. Another caution is to be very careful about hiring a close friend.  If you consider hiring a friend, ask yourself this question:  if you need to let the person go, would you be able to accept the personal consequences of that action?

When determining whether a personal assistant is a good choice for you, carefully consider what value it would add to your business time. For example, should an attorney billing $300 per hour reduce the number of hours they work each week to run to the grocery store or complete other errands? Financially, the answer is obvious; hire the assistant at a considerably lower wage.

Paul wrote, “Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time.” (Colossians 4:5, NIV) Think and pray through about whether bringing a personal assistant to your business would free you to make better use of your time.

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