Add a Punch to Your Sale Offer

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I used to pick up my mail next door to a carpet store.  One day I saw the sign in the window:  Bigalow Carpet Sale. The problem was that the sign had hung in the window for years. Even if I wanted to buy carpet, the sign did nothing to motivate me to purchase from their store.  Clearly, the lower price would be available any time in the future.

When we decide to discount goods or services, our offer is more effective when we give the customer a reason to act urgently and order now. We may use words like “on sale for a limited time only.” When we give the customer a reason to act quickly, the credibility of our sale offers increase.

Retail stores will discount seasonal goods. This sends a message to customers that the store will receive no more winter coats.  It says that now is the time to purchase before they’re all gone. Another example might be, “Buy now because raw material prices will increase, and future product will reflect these higher prices”.

Sometimes a store eliminates some product lines. They are interested in selling current inventory while supplies last, at a low price. However, when inventory is gone; no more will be available. Or you may have been able to purchase significant inventory at a reduced price, but only until the current inventory is exhausted. Additionally, some carpet businesses use this tactic during July and August when customer demand for carpet cleaning declines. They offer a 20% discount only for these two months.  The point to remember is to give your customer a reason for the sale and a reason to act on it. 

Jesus gave an example of moving his listeners to act urgently when He said, “So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.” (Matthew 24:44, NIV) The Lord made the point that we need to accept Christ Immediately, because we need to be ready to meet the Lord with or without notice. 

In your business, create a sense of urgency when you place items on sale. Give your customers a reason to buy now.  It will improve customer response and grow your business.