Make Minutes Count in Your Sales Pitch

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Prospects and customers seem to have shorter attention spans every year. If a video or website doesn’t catch the user in a few seconds, they’re gone. Likewise, when a customer checks out a product or service; we need to hook them quickly.

I like going to state or county fairs. Part of the experience I enjoy, is to check out sales booths. Those that caught a person’s attention quickly tended to have customers.  However, when it took people several moments to figure out the product or service; it caused folks to pass by.


When I marketed my book, Roadmap To Success- A Guide To Starting A Business, I used marketing phrases like: “starting your business without losing your shirt,” or “starting your business within budget” or “avoid tens of thousands of dollars in start-up mistakes.” The idea was to demonstrate a benefit to a customer quickly. 

Frequently, we confuse a customer by throwing several different features or benefits at them. Better to identify the single most impactful benefit that will hook 80% of your prospective customers. Then, provide more details when they ask.

The more the technical product, the more the seller must focus on a single benefit. I recently needed to purchase a new water detection meter and knew what I wanted to buy. I walked into the supply store and immediately the sales guy started a lot of gibberish about how the meter worked, how another worked differently and key features of another.  I cut to the chase because I knew what unit to buy without wasting a lot of time. When a salesman fails to understand that when a customer wants to buy a water detection meter, they want to buy something that detects water.  They aren’t interested in hype. 

Some products require a demonstration, like the way TV demonstrates how a product works.  Viewers quickly recognize the benefits and call the number on the screen to order. 

Always offer and highlight a generous return guarantee.  This will always lessen the risk in the buyer’s mind. 

Just be sure to make your minutes count!