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How to open a Franchise Ebook


Franchising Find Your Perfect Fit ~ By: Steve Marr
Today, franchising has evolved into many business opportunities. A franchise offers a pathway to success for thousands of business owners. Perhaps this includes you. Get this free book now! Click Here>>

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Managing Staff

Managing Staff

Benefits from reading this book!
•    Learn how to hire staff members with using a concrete, Biblical principles rather than depending purely on gut instinct!
•    Gain the wisdom to use on exactly what to search out and ask for in the hiring process!
•    Discover effective ways to evaluate your competency at retaining your best workers by incubating the talent you have, and drawing out those who have room to grow!
•    Understand the importance of developing your staff!
•    See the effectiveness of strong company morale and why to invest energy into developing it!
•    Learn the value of promoting employees within the department to management rather than only outsourcing or hiring outside the company!
•    Understand how “sowing into” people can “reap a bountiful harvest”
•    Learn how to hold accountable the procrastinating employee and manage the three types of procrastinators
Find achievement in successfully managing staff
•    Master effective Biblical guidelines for resolving on-the-job conflict
•    Manage friends at work
•    Learn when probation should be used
•    See how to use probation as an effective management tool
•    Use clear guidelines for expectations in employee performance
•    Know the benchmarks in employee dismissal

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Hiring Your Team God’s Way
Chapter 2: Keeping Your Talent
Chapter 3: Effective Staff Development
Chapter 4: Managing the Procrastinator
Chapter 5: Resolving On The Job Conflict
Chapter 6: When Managing Friends Gets Tough
Chapter 7: Profitable Probation
Chapter 8: Biblical Dismissal

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