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Apr 13

Are You a Dreamer or a Doer?

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Many times we encounter individuals who talk big and brag about everything they are going to accomplish.  A scripture I reflect on in these situations is: “The king of Israel answered, ‘Tell him: One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.'" (1 Kings 20:11 NIV)

There is a tremendous difference between people who act and accomplish and those merely talk about it. An effective doer asks key questions: What is the objective I want to achieve? How long will it take me to achieve this goal? What is the price in time, money and effort?


Only after a person asks and answers these questions can someone provide a systematic plan to accomplish goals. An effective plan of implementation will establish step-by-step, day-by-day and possibly even year-by-year activities to accomplish the goal.

I was talking with a client who had a successful business that allowed flexibility to live anywhere. They kept talking about moving out of the city and relocating into a smaller town with a wonderful lifestyle.

One of my challenging questions was, “What steps are you taking today to accomplish the goal?”  I continued to explain that he already had a business that allowed him to live wherever he wanted. The only family he had in the area was his wife and two young children. He should relocate sooner rather than later, otherwise his children might not want to follow. I also told him that if he moved now, the family would begin adjusting while the children could start school locally and have a much better possibility of marrying someone who would keep them close to home. The bottom line was that ten years later they had taken no steps to move.  They were more entrenched than ever in the big city. Relocating to a small town was a dream, a dream they could have achieved with some simple action steps.  However, they never took any steps toward moving.

Another person, “Jake,” was about 25 years old and wanted to open a heating and air conditioning business. Part of my advice was that he should work for one of the leading companies for at least five years, learn the ropes; but save at least 10% of his earnings to invest in the start-up business. Ten years later Jake still hadn’t saved any money, but he did tell me he had enjoyed some nice vacations and purchased a camper. The bottom line was that he was dreaming, not acting. Had Jake made a commitment with follow-through to own a business, he would have needed to forgo costly vacations, spend a modest amount of time off with his family, and never invest $30,000 in a camper.

Another person I met with was “Ken.” He was looking for some advice to start a landscape business. I gave him several steps that I believe would result in success in the short run without investing a substantial amount of money. Part of my advice was that he should continue to work days for his current employer and work Friday and Saturday doing landscape work. Then, he could build a good customer base and be ready to quit his day job. Ken followed through and was able to launch his own successful small business.

When you have a dream and want to accomplish that dream, count the cost carefully, establish an effective plan, and execute the plan. You will identify yourself as a doer, not just a dreamer.

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