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Jan 31

Case Study Auto Repair

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Herb specialized in rebuilding high-performance engines. He decided he wanted to be in business for himself, so he fired his boss and jumped into business ownership.

His first step, he decided, was to advertise wildly, but his money and effort did little to attract customers. He invested $65,000 for tools and equipment but only had 60 days of operating funds. Most of the work that came in was from customers with older cars that had blown engines and needed repair work to get back on the road. Unfortunately, most of these customers were looking for the cheapest price and weren’t willing to pay for Herb’s expertise. Business was slow and the margins were poor.

The solution was to first develop a mission statement: “To rebuild high-performance engines in Tucson, Arizona.”

Then he targeted a place where there were a lot of high-performance engines: the amateur racing circuit in and around Tucson. He bought a pit pass and went to the races. Whenever an engine blew, he was there with a business card and an offer to help. Soon, he became the “go-to guy” at the track and his business blossomed. He added more workspace and hired additional mechanics.

The key was narrowing his focus and then hitting that target squarely.

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