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Nov 14

Case Study: Customer Service

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Great American Furniture owns seventeen furniture companies that manufacture and sell all types of furniture to stores throughout the United States. The company developed a standard practice that all orders will be shipped within 25 working days.

Kankakee Furniture Company of Illinois, a subsidiary of Great American, developed its own system of entering orders and confirming expected shipping dates with customers. Orders are tracked, performance records are kept, and a report is generated confirming that shipments are shipped within the agreed-upon dates.


In other cases when a customer threatened to cancel an order, the manager agreed to a special discount, canceling material-upgrade charges on some orders. The order was placed with the longer delivery time and the special discount.

A senior manager from Great American Furniture who was reviewing operations was appalled that the 25-day shipping standard was not being met. In response, the Kankakee plant manager replied, “I don’t see why you’re upset; we have a 98 percent success rate of shipping on or before the dates agreed upon with our customers.”


• Was the manager of Kankakee Furniture delivering furniture consistently on the promised dates?

• Was furniture being delivered consistently on the dates their customers wanted?

• What three biblical principles of integrity were violated, and how?

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