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Jul 10

Check Your Work

Posted by: Steve Marr

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I don’t like going back to check other people’s work. I prefer to assign a task, assume everything is done correctly and walk away. However, this is unwise. 

I was updating a website some time ago. At first look everything seemed fine, and I was tempted to call it finished. However, I disciplined myself to take additional time to check every link and other aspects of the site. I located six mistakes requiring correction, including two serious errors.  Had I not taken the time to check, I could’ve gone on for months or years without catching the errors. 

We see a scriptural example of this after the work of the tabernacle was completed. “Moses inspected the work and saw that they had done it just as the LORD had commanded. So Moses blessed them.” (Exodus 39:43, NIV) Since the Lord had provided exact instructions about how to execute the work, it was important to check to see that it was finished properly.

While it is important to check our own work, often we need to check the work of others. If the task is very simple or the person is known to be extremely reliable, we may not need to take significant time to check their work.  However, in most situations we need to follow up and insure that tasks were completed correctly.

I experienced an example of this when I paid a cleaning company to tidy up rental property. I took time to visit the property after the workers completed cleaning and found sloppy work.  I took pictures of still-dirty areas as well as other oversights and sent them to the supervisor with specific commentary. A different crew came back to complete the job. I could have checked off the cleaning from my to-do list and moved on too quickly.  Then, if I found the unfinished work and complained days later, I may not have received a positive response to my complaint.  It would have been easy for the company to believe the mess had been created after their cleaning.

When we establish standards for work, we need to be diligent and follow through to confirm that those standards are met. Part of our effort is to check work consistently.  After all we are responsible for the performance of those who work under our authority.

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