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Dec 14

Continue to Improve Everything in Your Business

Posted by: Steve Marr

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A key element of growing a business is a commitment to improve everything within that business.  Jesus taught, "Every branch that bears fruit, He prunes, that it may bear more fruit." (John 15:2, NASB) Jesus was speaking of branches that already produced fruit.  He was explaining that even fruitful branches need pruning in order to grow more fruit in the long run.

Don't just focus your pruning on the problems. Spend time pruning the fruit bearing parts as well. Even a productive fruit tree will slowly bear less fruit without pruning. The first year’s fruit loss will be subtle, and you don’t pay a high price for it. However, when you see an overgrown apple tree with little fruit; the loss took several years. It will take drastic pruning to return the tree to a fruit producing tree.

Likewise, if we fail to make the small changes, to prune lightly; we will have to make larger changes over time. Automobile companies strive to make changes every year.  They understand that customers won’t buy a new car unless they see differences. Compare a five or eight-year-old car with a current model and you will clearly see the differences. 

Occasionally, you may achieve a breakthrough that helps you make progress quickly. Those are great steps. In reality, you will make more progress by continuously improving your product, services and systems. 

Take time to review one facet of your business. Determine one action that will bring improvement. Implement that change now and improve your business. Then, continue to improve other parts of your business.

Steve Marr, your Christian Business Coach

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