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Jul 30

Direct Customer Communication

Posted by: Steve Marr

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For over two years I belonged to a local Business Network International. This group is dedicated to helping members grow their businesses through generating referrals. I understand these networking groups are not for everyone or for every business.  However, in many instances they have significant value.

One value of them is that at each meeting members give a 60-second commercial regarding their business or another selected topic. I've noticed that some members significantly improve their commercials. One fellow would stand up and say “I build houses,” and sit down. After a number of meetings, he started talking about additions and specific construction details which could entice someone to use his services.


In my own business I think through the three parts of my commercial. First, I think about my opening subject. This is what I want to talk about. Second, I think through the body of my commercial. This is where I explain what I do in some specific area.  Sometimes I include a customer’s testimonial. Finally, I include a conclusion. I target this each week in a specific way and ask for a specific type of business referral.

Each week I outline my commercial in advance to help me stay focused.  I like to stay within my 60 second time allotment; otherwise the bell rings to let me know it's time to sit down.

An advantage for me and all the members of the group is that we learn to speak in short, sound bites. This helps me communicate aspects of my business to customers quickly and concisely. It helps me identify the specific step I want the customer to take. Within one year I've created about 50 sound bites. I keep this information in my memory and am able to recall and recite it when customers need it. 

King Solomon wrote, “A truly wise person uses few words.” (Proverbs 167:27, NLT) In our businesses we need to become accustomed to speaking in sound bites. We need to be clear and concise when answering questions. This is not an easy skill to obtain and requires practice. Learn to communicate concisely and find out how it will help you increase your customer close rate.  

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