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Oct 14

Don’t Just Disappear

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Any person engaged in sales encounters prospects who simply disappear. I understand that a lot of folks don’t like to say no or don’t want to engage after they decide not to accept your proposal. However, this wastes time unnecessarily and lacks basic courtesy.


You should extend the same courtesy when someone asks you for business. If you fail to tell them when you decide to go to a different direction, you waste their time.  When you field repeated voice mails, emails, or even take a call in a way that ignores or pushes the caller away, these engagements take away your energy and focus.

Wouldn’t it be easier to inform the person that you made a different decision? You don’t have to share details. Simply say “no thank you” or “I decided to go a different direction and prefer not to get into details any further.”

Additionally when you’re on the pursuing end, you may place five or six calls not knowing if someone is trying to dodge your calls or if the person is just quite busy and requires more follow-up.  Eventually we all give up when we come to the conclusion that further follow-up is counterproductive.

It is especially critical to extend basic courtesy if you have made it known that you are a Christian in the workplace.  You can hurt your witness when you fail to be honest in a courteous way.

King Solomon spoke to the Queen of Sheba and “answered all her questions; nothing was too hard for the king to explain to her.” (1 Kings 10:3 NIV) Likewise, we should answer a sales person’s simple questions with “no thank you” when appropriate.  Don’t just disappear.

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