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Jul 17

Fake News

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We hear about stories on the Internet, radio and television that refer to fake news.  What is fake news and how does it relate to our business? I have come to believe that fake news is made up information often for a political reason and should not be confused with incorrect news reporting and analysis. 


For example, we read about different perspectives on the future direction of the stock market. Some believe stocks will sail to new heights while the more pessimistic tell us to sell everything and run for the hills because a depression is coming. Is either point of view false news? No, but obviously one is incorrect. 

New information bombards us in our business with new and better ways of doing our work, selecting vendors, or capitalizing on the latest market trends.  Some of this information will be spot on; some way off target. Our job it is to ensure that we understand which information requires our attention and which should be ignored.

In the world of politics some news stories appear to be planted for no reason except to create a political advantage. Some of these are based on leaks, some on a personal point of view, and some appear to be utterly made up. Fortunately in the business world most stories are not contrived.  The bigger issue we deal with is “puffed” stories designed to influence a decision to buy.

Paul instructed, “but test everything; hold fast what is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21, ESV) This is sound advice for many areas of our life. When we see news accounts or information relating to our business, we need to test the information. We must validate the source and the reliability as much as possible. Furthermore, we need to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help us sort out what is true and what is false. When we make business plans, we need to make sure our judgments are based on correct information.  At times only the Lord will provide guidance about which information should be ignored and which information should be followed.  Stay informed to manage your business based on real, not fake, news.

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