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Jan 06

Focus on Product or Service

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When customers visited “Natalie’s” water treatment business, she would talk about every detail of her product and service. She believed that education would sell the service. When a prospect looked at a water softener, she would overload them with details. If they glanced over at the iron filter, she gave them more information.  Too often, prospects felt so overwhelmed that they left without making a sale.


I explained to Natalie that she needed to adjust her sales process. I told her to stop acting like the smartest person in the room even though she probably did know more than anyone about treating water. However, to make a sale; she needed to be more subtle and focused. She needed to ask questions before trying to educate customers.
People came into her store because they had a problem with their water. Perhaps it was hard water, had excess iron, or needed impurities removed. I told her that every person who walked in had some problem to solve in relation to their water. Identify the problem and their pain in dealing with it, then; she could present viable solutions that a customer would gladly purchase, leaving Natalie with an easy sale.  
As Natalie learned to ask questions, lots of questions, she developed an understanding of what the customer needed and wanted. Then when she offered a solution, she found an eager customer. When hooked, the customer started asking questions. Natalie could answer them, using as many details as would answer their question. I coached her to answer a question completely without going into excessive detail. Her prospect was not interested in a chemistry lecture.
King Solomon said, “He who gives an answer before he hears, it is folly and shame to him.” (Proverbs 18:13, NASB) Whenever you connect with a customer, take time to really listen to them. If the prospect offers little, ask questions. Focus on the customer first; focus on your product or service next. Perfect this process and in time you will close more sales.

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