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Apr 30

Get to the Point

Posted by: Steve Marr

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The number one rule of communication is to get to the point quickly and stay there. I get irritated when I take a call from someone who talks for three to four minutes, and I still don't know why they called me. When a salesperson calls, I tell them they have 30 seconds to tell me their unique sales proposition and why I should consider doing business with them. I do this to save my time and theirs.

In the past I did a 60-second radio feature that was syndicated on over a thousand radio stations worldwide. I used a format that started with an opening statement, gave a Scriptural principle, a business concept, and ended with a concluding statement. Not easy to do in the 59 seconds I was allowed. However, I gained an important benefit; I learned to be concise.

Once you’ve made your point, stay there.  This is especially important when connecting with customers.  Highlight benefits, work through questions and objections, and push toward closing the sale. Building rapport may be crucial in situations where your goal is a long term relationship and you must build trust. However, keep in mind that most business contacts are not going to become your best friends, and you are unlikely to invite them over for a backyard barbecue. Your relationship is business.

When connecting with customers identify exactly what you want to communicate before you pick up the phone or walk through their door. Then, get to the point quickly and stay there. 

King Solomon wrote, “Yet the fool multiplies words. “ (Ecclesiastes 10:14, NASB) When we communicate with customers and others in a business setting, keep in mind this fundamental rule in business communication: get to the point and stay there.

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