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Jul 10

Helping a New Manager Transition

Posted by: Steve Marr

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When a business promotes a person to supervision or management, there needs to be a thorough discussion of the challenges that will allow promoted personnel to start out on firm ground. I have learned some key points to cover.First, explain how the promotion means more responsibility. They need to understand how this new role may affect former relationships within the business.  They need to understand how their role has changed.

Specifically, this can mean that a new manager might be reluctant to offer candid feedback on job performance to avoid conflict.  However, honest, objective feedback is necessary to establish the new manager in a new leadership role.

Others start out like a commanding general, barking orders, establishing power, and coming down hard on everyone for everything. This person needs to learn how to assert authority firmly but with care.

Additionally, a new manager may assume everyone knows what to do.  However, a new manager needs to take time to explain their understanding about standards for the quantity and quality of work.

 Finally, some new managers tend to do extra work themselves rather than delegate or supervise. They often get promoted because they are great workers. However, a manager is paid more money not to work harder but to help improve the work productivity of others.

Jesus said, “And if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit." (Matthew 15:14, NASB) A new manager without guidance will be blind to the pitfalls of the new position. Help them. Their success is your success.

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