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Mar 13

Hire Specialists

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In business it is easy to think you need to do things by yourself instead of delegating them to a specialist, especially if you have to pay for their services. I recently dealt with a legal question and was starting to do my own research instead of sending an email to my attorney who could respond with a short answer requiring five or six minutes of their time.  Even though he could bill me for this service, it was a small price to pay for getting an accurate answer. Besides, it saved me one or two hours’ research.  Also, I don’t proofread my writing particularly well; so I hire an editor who keeps me from embarrassing myself with grammatical errors. While I could read through an article five times carefully and catch most of the typos, is this the best use of my time and skill?


I spend time as a franchise consultant helping people find a franchise business that fits them.  Recently, I encountered “Tom” who said he really didn’t want to deal with third parties like me. he preferred to deal with individual franchisors. I asked him how many franchisor connections he had. Tom said over 20. I asked how much time it took to sift through each. He said it took three hours before he understood whether the business was right for him or not.

Tom was willing to talk to me for a few minutes. I quickly learned that his goal was to find a business he could learn in one to three years. Then, then he would hire a manager so that he could work about 20 hours a week and have more time for leisure activities.  I asked him to name a few companies he looked over. After hearing some of the names, I knew that these businesses would never meet Tom’s lifestyle goal.  I told Tom that I could explain in five minutes why they would not work for him and save him hours of research.  Then, if he was willing to give me some background information; I could identify businesses that would fit his background, skill set, interest and allow him to migrate into the lifestyle he wanted. Unfortunately, Tom was not interested. I turned him loose to continue to spend untold hours seeking the right idea.

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