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Jun 21

Hiring Workers for a Cleaning Business

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“Martha” owns a house cleaning business and has struggled with employee turnover over for the past few years. While the business is profitable, she can’t afford higher wages for her three cleaning crews. Since just hiring workers without a target strategy would continue the employee revolving door problem, I suggested a different strategy.


1.  Hire workers above the age of 30.

Over 30 workers are less likely to depart and start their own cleaning service that could compete with you. Younger workers are more inclined to start a business after 6-12 months of working for you.

2.  Hire mothers who have school age children.

Offer them hours between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. This gives them time with their children while earning extra income. Most businesses don’t schedule work around parents’ responsibilities with children.  In this business, Martha can. Structuring crews around these hours may require the creation of an additional team or two, but will be worth the cost and effort.  Another cost effective fact is that Martha doesn’t need to pay benefits for these part-time workers.

Another flexibility factor she will need to address is giving mothers time-off to be with sick children. Martha will need to keep one or two people in reserve as “extras,” perhaps paying them a higher wage if they come in only when needed.

3.  Ask to post “Help Wanted” notices in nearby churches.

Many people are looking for additional income.  Often, a church is a good place to find people who make good employees.

Since many job candidates Martha may hire speak Spanish as a first language, I suggested Martha learn some basic Spanish to help her communicate with her employees.

Martha also was thinking of targeting offices for cleaning to grow her business. I explained she would need a different type of employee. I suggested that she hire college students working their way through school for this cleaning crew. They could work between 6:00 and midnight and still sleep before the next day. This schedule fits college kids who need the income but can’t work during the day. While they will leave each year, she can replace them by advertising in student newspapers.

King Solomon understood what drives employees when he wrote, “The laborer’s appetite works for him; his hunger drives him on.”(Proverbs 16:26, NIV) The hunger is not just about food, but the flexibility to hire good workers at a competitive cost who will find their income needs as well as other life needs met in the job you can offer.

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