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    Ezra was reading "from the booktranslating to give the sense so they understood" (Nehemiah 8:8 NASB). When key information needs to be communicated, managers need to take time to make sure the message is heard, understood, and will be acted[…]


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May 08

I Answer My Phone

Posted by: Steve Marr

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I answer my phone when it rings if I am able. I’ve developed this habit over many years and have learned how helpful it is for a reasons.

1It Serves my Clients

I am able to serve my customers or clients more effectively when I answer their call. This prevents a frustrating game of telephone tag.  Since business is about serving customers, the sooner we serve them the better.

2.  It Saves Time

If I answer my phone, I can deal with a call one time and put the work behind me. Even if it isn’t from a client, it still allows me to clear it from my task list.  I am free to move on.

3. It Prevents the Need to Screen

Some believe that screening calls is helpful to eliminate unsolicited peddlers.  However, these calls only take up a moment or two.  I can usually dispense with them quickly. When they refuse to take a polite no for an answer, I simply hit the disconnect button and trust they get the point. 

4.  It Protects from Procrastination

Some like to the screen what they expect will be difficult conversations with colleagues, customers or others.  My experience is that the sooner we have the difficult conversations, the better. If I need more time to formulate an answer, I can always call back. It is better to start the process early rather than allow a problem to fester.

Of course there are times I am not able to answer my phone because I’m on a call with a client or out of the office. In these circumstances I still make an effort to return calls as quickly as possible.

The Lord said "Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning.” (Luke 12:35, NIV) This is good advice for us whether we need to apply it in personal, ministry, or business ways. I believe part of being ready for service is to answer our phone when possible.

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