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May 20

Improve Yourself Each Day

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We read in scripture that “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” (Luke 2:52, NIV) A take-away from this verse is recognizing that Jesus’ growth in wisdom, integrity, and relationship with God was ongoing. As He became older, He learned more. While He had wisdom from God directly, my interpretation of this verse also indicates that he participated in an ongoing growth effort.


There are six steps I have applied daily to my life in order to improve my own learning. 

1.     I read scripture each day.

I am on a schedule to read through the Bible in one year. Consistency brings learning and revelation into my life. 

2.     I pray, asking the Lord to give me His wisdom and guidance for my day.

I want the Lord to order my steps and to provide me with the information and knowledge I need for each day. The words of revelation and insights from God are better than what I can come up with on my own.

3.     I read 1 ½ to 2 hours each evening. 

I read different types of books including business, economics, history, theology and current events.  I even enjoy an occasional novel.  Reading broadens my understanding and deepens my ability to retain it.

4.     I try to learn something from my customers.

I have an interest in a damage restoration business which allows me to meet with prospective customers and referring partners daily. I begin with a need’s analysis.  I ask questions to understand what they need, what their priorities are, and how we can best serve them. Through this process I learn something from my customers every day.

5.     I try to have conversations with wise people from different types of disciplines.

When I go to the local farmers market, there is frequently a master gardener booth. I like to stop by and share my challenges and learn something helpful I can use in my local gardening. 

6.     I am careful about where I spend my time online. 

I can scan a lot of news sites and articles quickly to glean the information relevant to me. We all know that there are hundreds of rabbit trails we can take that would eat up hours of time I can’t get back.  I cannot afford to waste time. Therefore, I try to choose wisely.

While these steps may be helpful for me, they may not be the activities that will bring improvement in your life. I encourage you to identify the specific things you can do every day to bring learning and improvement into your life.  Incorporate them into your schedule; discipline yourself to follow through every day.  Not only will you recognize tremendous personal growth, your businesses will improve as well.

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