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Jul 30

Is the Spouse on Board?

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For many years I went to a professional clothing salesman named Mac who was very helpful making sure that my suits, ties and shirts fit well and worked together.  Mac told me one time that when a prospective customer walked in with his wife, he knew he had someone ready to make a sale. Solo, a person was probably just looking.  


When you make major decisions, it is import to recall the words of King Solomon, “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.” (Proverbs 12:15, ESV) It is especially important for spouses to listen to each other before making life-changing decisions.
I spend time marketing franchises to prospective business owners and one of the questions I ask early on is, “What does your wife (or husband) think of the franchise?” or “What does your husband (or wife) think of you exploring business ownership?”  If they’re exploring franchises without communicating with their spouse, I know the prospect is probably a dead-end. However, if they have already had a conversation about it, and the spouse is supportive under the right circumstances; then, I know that the prospect is taking a major step toward potential business ownership. Additionally, the franchises I work with will not sell a franchise unless they know the spouse has given their enthusiastic support. The franchise understands that a reluctant spouse will affect the business situation in a negative way.
When I advise business owners who are considering taking on debt, I strongly advise them not to sign a loan agreement unless their spouse has given their informed and wholehearted support. At times our spouses will stop us from making a mistake because they know us better.  I’ve seen situations when the Holy Spirit works through a spouse in a different way from the business owner.
My experience has taught me that the business owner often may be reluctant to bring their spouse into a decision. They may not want to explain the complexities involved in the business or financial commitment. Part of this may be because they’re not able to break down the business questions into easy-to-understand pieces. Often this is a symptom of not fully understanding the commitment. Even complex issues can be broken down into simple terms. Therefore, if a prospective business owner is unable to accomplish this; it may be a sign that they don’t fully understand the business issues either.
Another issue may be the validation a person wants when they have already decided what to do. They don’t want to be confused by facts, questions or other points of view. They want affirmation not counsel.
When we ignore our spouse or treat them in a way that demonstrates that we don’t think they are able to understand the complexities of our business, we treat them with disrespect. When love and respect is a relationship priority, your spouse is your number one counselor.

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