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Dec 29

Keep Ads Short

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In today’s environment advertisers are forced to shorten message content for two simple reasons. First, ad time on radio, television and print media is extremely costly. In most situations, the days of the sixty-second commercial are replaced by the fifteen-second pitch. Even in websites and email communication, prospects will usually only give a passing glance. Either we hook them quickly or the fish is gone.

I used to do a sixty-second radio feature requiring me to write an introduction, use a verse of scripture, include an application, and end with a strong close. It required significant effort to deliver these items in sixty seconds; however, sixty seconds was all I had.

During the early days of World War II, a commander of a convoy was being pounded by German U-boat attacks. As the convoy was approaching the outer limits of possible air cover from Britain, the convoy commander agonized over sending a short message for assistance. He knew the enemy would endeavor to intercept these messages and plot positions for a possible follow-up attack. The commander whittled down the message to “Help urgently needed.” Upon further review, he concluded that if he was asking for help it was obviously urgently needed. The message he finally sent was “Help.”  He hoped that one word might escape enemy scrutiny.

Follow King Solomon’s guidance to keep your messages short but complete to effectively connect with your customers and prospects.

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