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Mar 26

Meeting an Employee’s Wage Needs

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Establishing the correct wage for staff is never easy.  We see an example in Scripture, “But Laban said to him, ‘If now it pleases you, stay with me; I have divined that the Lord has blessed me on your account.’” (Genesis 30:27-28, NIV).


I've learned over time that when we fail to meet an employee's reasonable expectations and salary requirements, they move on. For example, I interviewed a prospective salesperson who wanted to make $200,000 within 12 months. Given that this person just finished school with little experience, I knew that making half the expected salary was unrealistic. If offered a position, the expectations would not have been met.


Whenever I interview a prospective employee I make sure that I understand what their salary requirements are. My experience has shown me that a person may take a job because they need the income immediately. However, if it falls below what they believe they should earn; they seek other employment and depart at the earliest opportunity.

At times the salary needs may not be obvious. A retired person applying for a position at ACE hardware may not be looking for a lot of money.  Instead they may be looking to fill their day with meaningful activity.  Perhaps they like helping people with small home repair advice and it seems like a good match. Another individual in retirement may require a significantly larger paycheck. 

The key is to understand what the prospective hire truly requires. I've teased a salesperson who applied for a position by asking how much money they needed to make. After they give me an answer, I tell them that’s their sales quota. The point is that we need to offer someone the correct a salary that keeps them engaged in the business or not make an offer for employment.

In your business be certain that you can meet an employee’s wage requirement before offering a position and you will reduce turnover.

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