Beating stress

Posted by: Steve Marr in Personal Development on Jul 18, 2016

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Stress attacks all of us at times. When I am stressed after a difficult meeting, encountering a disappointment or when several things haven't gone my way on a given day; I use several techniques to destress.

First, I ask the Lord to help me. I ask Him to show me if I need to do anything differently or if I can learn any lessons that will help me avoid unnecessary stress in the future.  

Next, I take a short, mental vacation. I have a picture from Stony Lake in Ontario where I fished often as a youth. Fond memories surface when I look at it, and I start de-stressing. The picture has a small waterfall entering the lake. It helps me recover a balance that something in my day pushed away.  I have always used something in my office to help me to take a short mental break.

Also, I may take a short walk or move around my office or do something outside. Even changing positions for a moment can help alter my perspective. When I worked in a small space, I would leave to get a glass of water or a cup of coffee.

When I feel overwhelmed I often go to the words of Paul, "For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength." (Philippians 4:13, NLT) When stress hits me, I lean on the Lord and use these techniques. Try them and see if they will help you.

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