Grocery Delivery to Every Door

Posted by: Steve Marr in In the News on Sep 27, 2018

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I read a recent article about a partnership between Kroger and Nuro, a driverless car company, to deliver groceries to customers’ doors. As consumers we demand more convenient delivery of our products. Amazon offers quick delivery for a large number of items that show up at your house almost as soon as you order them. Target now offers same day delivery for some products. Many stores offer advanced ordering with curbside pickup, aiding convenience. In the future we are promised that our groceries will be easily delivered to our house. 


When I was growing up, my family often shopped at Joe's Market, an old-time corner grocery store about 4 to 5 blocks from my house. At times my mom would call to place an order and send me over to pick it up. Other times, the grocery would drop the order off at the house. My grandmother placed orders frequently for the convenience of delivery. However the cost of these groceries was higher than the larger grocery store. Eventually, Joe sold his store and retired, the convenience became a thing of the past. Today, new options are coming. 

The Kroger initiative promises to bring convenient grocery shopping to your door without charging top dollar to do it. A lot of us shop Amazon not just by price but because of the convenience. Other stores will look for ways to enhance delivery because they want to protect their market share and reach new customers. Not every retailer will successfully make the leap. Walmart and Target, after a slow start, have been effectively slugging it out in the e-commerce marketplace.  Other stores like Sears continue to fail.

The winners will be customers who continue to enjoy better services and lower prices through good competition in the marketplace. In the future will a clothing manufacturer deliver a number of garments for you to try on so that you can decide what to keep? In the past I would have dismissed such a concept, but today I'm not as quick to reject it. 

Jesus said, "Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning.” (Luke 12:35, NIV) Part of being ready in business today is delivering what the customer wants, when the customer wants it, in a place of their choosing, not ours.  How that happens will continue to change.  Your part is to be ready.

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