Customers Need Evidence

Posted by: Steve Marr in Getting and Keeping Customers on Dec 12, 2018

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Readers of my articles will likely recall that I frequently advise them to lead with benefits and follow with evidence. Frequently, we treat glowing generalities as evidence.  For example:  “We're the best carpet cleaner in town. We do a great job.”  Or we say, “Our customer satisfaction is outstanding,” without backing up the claim with evidence. Customers prefer evidence.

Paul gave us a good example when he wrote, “but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.” (1 Thessalonians, 5:21 NLT) Part of my takeaway from this verse is to test what people tell us.  Part of testing is to seek evidence.  Evidence allows us to hold on to what we validate.

Consider the Flex Seal commercial example.  These commercials demonstrate how the product stops all kinds of leaks, including filling holes in the bottom of a boat. The commercial shows how you can plug Flex Seal into a boat leak and drive the boat around the lake. These pictures provide evidence for prospective buyers.

A church training by the Christian Emergency Network (CEN) helps congregations prepare for large or small emergencies. A pastor documented, “Our local church has benefited greatly from the CEN church training. It’s given us awareness and preparedness for potential crises.  Our first team activation physically saved the life of one congregant.” Strong testimonies are evidence.

Providing online review information to customers is also a form of evidence. I am involved with a damage restoration business that obtains consistent five star ratings on Google. We communicate these ratings to prospective customers as a form of evidence.

Other evidence includes awards.  For example, many cities offer “Best Of” awards to businesses. Those who win this award should tout the success loudly. Other awards may be less prestigious, but still should be utilized in marketing as a form of evidence.

When you make claims about the benefits of your business, cite strong, actual evidence.  Evidence will strengthen the likelihood of a buyer walking through your door, clicking on your website or picking up the phone to make a purchase. Evidence will grow your business.

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