Lead by Example

Posted by: Steve Marr in Leadership on Dec 07, 2020

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We need to lead by example. This principle is a priority.  Most of our employees will watch what we do, not what we say.

The COVI-19 pandemic has caused havoc across the country. We have seen leaders who model significant double standards. When a leader fails to follow the standards, they themselves, have established; we should not be surprised that more and more individuals rise up against these dictates.

Clearly an example like this makes no sense. Furthermore, the governor was caught on film visiting an exclusive restaurant during the time Californians were told to stay home.

We see other  examples of leaders  not following the public advice given. Just a few examples include Mayor Hancock of Denver who told everyone to stay home shortly before he boarded a plane to visit his family. Likewise, Austin’s mayor, Steve Adler, told everyone to stay home while he took his seat on a private plane to go to a vacation property in Mexico. 

In California, private schools are permitted to remain open while public schools are closed. I would like someone to explain to me the science behind this decision.

The COVID-19 pandemic is severe and has already taken too many lives. Most of us have different ideas about what steps one should take to protect themselves from the virus.  Unfortunately, the best preventative instructions do change over time. One time we were all told not to wear masks. Now masks are required all the time in some businesses and in specific situations.

Paul wrote, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 11:1, NIV) Our leaders need to follow the same guidelines we are asked to follow. If the disease is not as severe as indicated so that some leaders believe they can selectively choose what to comply with; then, the restrictions should be lifted for the rest of us. If the danger is as serious as we are told by many leaders, then leadership should provide the example of self-sacrifice, the same sacrifice being asked of everyone.