Working Through Staff Concerns and Complaints

Posted by: Steve Marr in Management on May 14, 2011

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Often, staff members may become exasperated and frustrated and begin to express general complaintsA woman was expressing sorrow at her great distress, and Elisha asked, "What shall I do for you?" (2 Kings 4:2 NASB).

When complaints come, ask the person to define the issue, and tell you what is exactly getting them down. We don’t need to be defensive, we are just looking for valid information.

Then ask how you can help them in the current situation. Your question will immediately change the focus from the complaint part of the communication to the problem-solving stage. Again, this is a time to listen.

You can talk through issues that cannot be altered, and work toward solutions where you can help make a difference. The key is to create positive action instead of allowing ongoing complaining.

Some of these complaints will be based on sound information, information you can use effectively in improving your business.

Solutions will emerge, and morale will improve as you ask, "How can I help?

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