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Jun 01

“Reality” TV Is not Reality

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Most of us click on a reality television show from time to time only to become hooked on the storyline that develops week after week. The television programs would like us to think we are getting a real-time understanding about what life is like whether someone is hunting alligators in a swamp, cutting down trees or watching gold miners in the Klondike.


The reality is that these TV programs are created to provide entertainment, which is the purpose of a TV show. These shows do not give us a full understanding of what is life is like in these circumstances. They only show what the camera sees.

We need to keep in mind that these shows are carefully produced, edited and sometimes the characters are encouraged to create a bit of extra drama for the purpose of the camera. While the drama of the events themselves is adequate sometimes, other times it’s added to improve the storyline.

I believe an important take-away from watching these shows is to recognize that it is designed to attract the maximum number viewers rather than to give us real insight into what life is like for each character.

In our businesses we should never lose sight of our goal to provide excellent customer service at a good price with on-time delivery to create pleased customers. While we don’t need to present our product or service to our customers with all the drama of a reality TV show, we do need to provide a finished product that delights the customer.

Fairly early in my business career I was making a presentation to a prospective customer. At the time I worked in a cubicle. When the customer came to visit my office, I offered the extra chair to my customer. My meeting went fairly well and the prospect became a customer. Later, the senior executive took me aside to explain how important it was to create a “show” for the customer. Because this was an important prospective customer, the executive told me that it would have been better to schedule our meeting in the library with the CEO and other executives. This would demonstrate our interest in the client with an atmosphere that demonstrated we were a substantial company with a solid management team. In the future I took this advice to heart and understood the importance of creating the “show time” environment for prospects.

As we understand that reality TV is a show to entertain, we learn how to create this atmosphere for prospective clients to show off our product and services in the best possible light. Jesus said, “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” (Matthew 5:15, NIV)

Put your business in the best possible light; growth will follow.

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