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Aug 19

Software and Computer Speed

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Over the past 30 years the technology behind computers and iPads has been remarkable. Today we process faster and faster. Our laptops process much faster than any of us imagined 10 years ago. In the future, the speed and miniaturization will continue to improve. At this point, these changes won’t matter to us as much.


However, changes that affect productivity do matter; and those changes are with software, not hardware.

I believe all kinds of software improvements will serve as workarounds for the limitations that will be imposed on computer chip density no later than 2020. There may be lots of industrial processes that could use faster computers, but my guess is this:  industrial processes today are more dependent on software than they are on hardware. I do a lot of research and believe changes will be through software, not hardware.
Consider the Wikipedia example. The tremendous amount of information available has nothing to do with computer speed. The key factor is the division of intellectual labor; 73,000 people are actively editing on Wicki. The improvements come from the labor and software, not hardware.
We are experiencing an extraordinary decrease in the time needed for new technology to reach market penetration. With the Internet, YouTube and all forms of fast communication; an idea can, and does, spread to hundreds of millions of people in less than a week. This movement of information will not only continue but will speed up.

Look at the fast food industry in places that struggle with higher minimum wage laws. The improved computerization will be through software innovation, not hardware. In the past most jobs were replaced by automation through improved machinery, robots, tools and hardware of some type. In the future, software will displace millions of workers.

Here is a simple question to ponder:  would you pay $5,000 more for a faster computer? Would you even pay $1,000 more? Few of us would. However, we will pay a lot for software that increases the speed and productivity of our computers.

King Solomon wrote, “An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” (Proverbs 18:15, ESV)

How will you adapt to the future?

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