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Nov 19

Stewardship Case Study

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Bob and Nancy owned a small grocery store that specialized in quality and selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. Customers enjoyed being able to purchase items not available elsewhere, and the quality was always top notch. After 35 years of running the store, the couple decided to reduce the amount of time they worked and allow their sons, Peter and Mark, to start taking over the business.

At first, a few customers commented that the quality had slipped a bit, and sales fell slightly, but profits actually increased due to the lower cost of goods sold and savings on electricity. Bob and Nancy, who stopped by the store infrequently questioned Mark and Peter about the slight drop in sales. The young men insisted that customers were happy, and proudly pointed to the increased profits.

A year later, sales had dropped by twenty percent, and the perennially profitable store was close to losing money. Several failures in the produce cooling system had resulted in several thousand dollars of lost product.


• What should Bob and Nancy have done differently?

• As far as their customers were concerned, did Mark and Peter violate any biblical principles in pricing goods?

• What steps could Mark and Peter have taken to keep customers happy?

• What Biblical principles were violated in their operation of the business?

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