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Dec 20

Working on Speculation

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Builders have built homes on speculation for years. The thought behind this process is to build a great house at a good price, and someone will buy it.  While the strategy may work, it is risky.  What if no one buys the house? Building spec homes is a plan that may work, but it depends on the economy and customer demand.

Sep 16

Establishing a Culture of Teamwork

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Why do so many businesses fail to establish effective teamwork? After all, most business leaders talk about teamwork, scores of books have been written about teamwork, and teamwork posters adorn the walls in many businesses. With all the buzz about teamwork, why don't more businesses move beyond merely talking about it? The key to developing a collaborative workforce is to establish an effective culture that builds teamwork into the fabric of the organization.

Aug 30

After You Gain New Business Carefully Communicate All The Necessary Details To Your Colleagues In Operations.

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Watch yourselves, that you might not lose what we have accomplished, but that you may receive a full reward. (2 John 1:8 NASB)

Getting new business is always exciting, but effective execution is the key to retaining the business over time.

Jul 17

Issuing Orders Does Not Equal Action

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Business owners and managers often believe that if they bark the right orders, everyone will fall into line to accomplish key tasks. Hardly. One person told me that I was lucky to be a CEO because if I told someone to do something, things would happen. I replied, “Do you think just because I say something it gets done?”

May 27

Reliability: A Senior Edge in the Job Market

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Many older workers need to stay in the workforce as a necessity to get by. Others simply prefer working full or part time. Some employers are reluctant to hire older workers.  If you are a senior, you need to learn how to use a key advantage to overcome this obstacle.