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Jan 02

General Motors' $60 Billion Problem-the coming bill for healthcare

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General Motors is looking down the barrel of a $63 billion liability to cover retiree health benefits. GM spokesmen and Chief Financial Officer, John Devine, has said that the government should do more to relieve the health care costs from corporations like General Motors.

Aug 26

Environmental Laws Worsen Arizona Gas Shortage

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While the recent power blackout garnered headlines highlighting how fragile our energy distribution system can be, gasoline for autos was running out in Phoenix.

Jul 09

America's Borrowing Binge-what is the long-term cost?

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In 1985, the U.S. became a debtor nation, owing other nations more than they owe to us. Since that time, we have continued to borrow even more,and early this year our national debt reached 25% of our Gross National Product. If this trend continues, the debt will grow to 40% of the GNPin 2007 and to over 60% by the end of the decade!