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Aug 20

Allow Political Shirts?

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Goodyear Tire Company created a bit of a stir when establishing a policy regarding what type of messages employees may wear into company facilities.  The controversy arose because the company established specific acceptable and unacceptable criteria. Some examples:

 Acceptable                                                                 Unacceptable

Black lives matter (BLM)                                         Blue lives matter

Lesbian, gay, bisexual                                               All lives matter

Transgender pride (LGBT)                                      MEGA attire

                                                                                       Political affiliated slogans

Aug 11

Machines Eliminate Seasonal Farm Workers

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For many years, the use of migrant farm labor has been controversial. We read an account from Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and other movies highlighting the plight of migrant workers, both immigrants from other countries as well as US citizens.

The challenge for many farmers has been to obtain the correct amount of temporary field hands at the right time, in the correct place and at an affordable price.  As labor costs have increased, it placed an additional burden on farmers who needed hands to tend the crops and harvest when needed.

Jul 27

Using Masks in Your Business

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The use of masks has become a hot button issue for many individuals. Some believe everyone should wear a mask all the time.  Others believe it is a liberty issue and each person should be able to make their own decision regarding wearing a mask. I don’t intend to get into the political issues of mask-wearing. Rather, I want to provide a perspective for businesses. 

The Mayo Clinic has provided the guidance that masks are helpful in reducing the spread of COVID 19. Many state and local governments have issued regulations regarding the use of masks in business. However, for the purpose of this article, I would like to look at mask-wearing from a business owner’s perspective as well as from the perspective of a customer. 

Jul 20

Should You Protect Your Business with Firearms During Civil Unrest?

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Over the past several months civil unrest has caused substantial damage to private property, particularly business establishments. People ask me how far a business owner should go to protect their property. My perspective is not a simple answer. Above all, we need to seek the Lord’s guidance concerning the steps we should take.

Jul 09

Cities Issue Own Currency?

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Many individuals are under substantial hardship as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. Federal, state and local governments are looking for ways to provide relief. One interesting example is the city of Tenino taking the step of issuing their own town currency, up to $300 per individual, for those demonstrating negative impact from the pandemic.

Throughout the history of our nation, local governments have taken the step of issuing currency, in one fashion or another, in an effort to work through difficult economic times.