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Jun 04

The Unseen Consequences of Legalizing Marijuana

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When the federal or state government passes legislation, the new laws produce seen and unseen results. Often what is unseen impacts us more than what we can see. The legalization of selling marijuana is one example.

Apr 16

Church Marketing for Easter and Christmas

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Each year many visitors attend church for Easter and Christmas services. Most churches and pastors treat this as a great opportunity for outreach. One new face on a Sunday is a good opportunity; many new faces are a much greater opportunity.

Jul 13

Lead With The Benefit, Follow With the Evidence When Promoting A Church Ministry

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Churches promote new ministry opportunities every day with flyers, website postings, public announcements, e-mail blasts, or church bulletin messages. Then, why are people slow to sign up? Apply a lesson from business the next time you promote a ministry opportunity. Lead with the benefit and follow up with the evidence.

Business calls the key benefit the Unique Sales Proposition. In ministry, it’s the Unique Service Proposition or USP. You can see my article on USP here: Here's how business applies this principle.

First, the customer must understand the benefit of a product or service. Example: Roundup® kills weeds. Candy tastes good. A new air conditioner saves on your electric bill. You get the point. Customers want some benefit from buying a product or service.

Jan 25

Church Bankruptcy’s Increase

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Today’s Wall Street Journal featured an article, Churches Find the End is Nigh by Shelly Banjo, story on this video link: . The theme of the article is more and more churches have borrowed too much and are unable to pay the mortgage. Looks a bit like Main Street.

Over the past two years, 200 religious facilities have been foreclosed, up from 8 the previous two years. 

Many of the troubled churches are in the problem states of California, Florida, Georgia, and Michigan, the same states hit hardest by falling property values and high unemployment.

Jun 06

Being Businesslike Without Becoming A Business

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Should churches be run like businesses? Not in every respect, but churches should certainly adopt a biblical and businesslike model for implementing successful ministry. To be effective, churches and the individual ministries within those churches, must establish a clear ministry vision, based on careful, insightful planning held together by a system of accountability.