• Are you prepared to fight to retain your customers?

    24 Feb 2020 | 12:00 am

    The Lord told Isaiah, "Can the prey be taken from the mighty man...?" (Isaiah 49:24 NASB). Everyone has competitors striving to take away customers, but effective businesses fight for every customer. Whenever you see an attack through advertising, a new[…]


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Aug 17

Join a Trade Association

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Most industries have trade associations. There are national, state and local organizations you can join. If you own your own business, joining one of them is imperative. If you are thinking of starting a business, this step is mandatory.  If you work in an industry, joining an association is wise.

Aug 12

Should I Get a Second Cell Phone?

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Most of us carry one cell phone. Frequently we use a business- paid phone for personal calls. In many situations, there is a strong case to have two phones--one for personal calls and one for business communication. Here’s why.

·      Separate phones help you manage after-hours calls.

If you get after-hours business calls that are unreasonable and intrusive, you can turn your phone off. I have had people want to call after hours more for a chat than to do important business. I can screen these folks out.

Jul 24

Restaurant Menu Positioning and Pricing

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Most of us don’t give much thought to a menu. If we are regular customers, we just order one of a few favorites. If we are first-timers, we take a moment to see what’s on the menu.  A wise restaurant owner will understand that menu design is a very important tool to encourage customers to spend more.

Many places offer too many options. Generally, a choice of seven items in each category is best. This means seven appetizers and seven entrees. Too many choices tend to create anxiety for customers, and they tend to retreat to an old standby. This keeps them from ordering something new with a higher price.

Jul 21

Understand a Seller’s Motivation

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

When you negotiate, you tend to think of the exchange as a battle between buyer and seller. However, I think about it as competing against other buyers.  The seller is really competing against other sellers.

An auction illustrates this point. You want something and start bidding. If the price gets too high, you drop out; not because of the seller, but because others outbid you. Likewise the sellers compete against other consigners.  You may be selling your dining room set along with six others. Buyers decide which ones they will bid for and how much they will pay. If yours has more dings, buyers will pay less because others offer a better product. Negotiations occur because the seller and buyer don’t have all the information.

Jun 17

Use Gardening as a Teaching Tool

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Regular readers know I am a firm believer in developing a future oriented way of thinking. One possible tool to help teach your children the value of future orientation is to develop a family garden.
Set aside a place in your yard. Talk with your children about preparing the garden and planning what to grow. Have them help you prepare the ground, plant the seeds, water, weed and take care of the garden.