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Apr 08

Faith at Work: Where Will You Draw the Line?

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            The culture war captures headline space across America. The firestorm over legislation in Indiana and Arkansas as well as businesses that have refused to provide services for same sex weddings are major news stories. As Christians, each of us will be challenged in the workplace with a key question, “Where do you draw your line in expressing faith?”

            Current events lead me to believe that these issues will push and pressure you until you decide where that line goes. Even though Christians will have different ideas about where such a line should be drawn, you should decide and get ready to defend where you believe the Lord would have you hold this line. This is the time to think through where your line belongs.

Mar 02

Inappropriateness in a Marketing Approach

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I got into a conversation with “Rick,” a businessperson who wanted my help to improve marketing. I reviewed his past advertising and online postings. Rick used images of very scantily clad females and vulgar words in some online postings. I confronted Rick with the issue. He said that he “needed to make an impact to get business.” He believed he generated successful responses to his ads.

I responded by quoting Paul, “Obscene stories, foolish talk, and coarse jokes--these are not for you. Instead, let there be thankfulness to God.” (Ephesians 5:4, NLT)

Feb 16

Brian Williams

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The sad situation with Brian Williams and his suspension from NBC News for six months provides several lessons for us.

First, as humans we have a tendency to amplify an experience. I believe this is partly out of a desire for attention, as well as wanting to look good in the eyes of others. When we submit our ego to the Lord and seek His approval, we have less need for the acclamation of others. Memories tend to blur reality. As the song asks, “Has time rewritten every line?”

Jan 23

NFL Football and Cheating

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The news has provided extensive coverage of the story that the New England Patriots allegedly used underinflated footballs to assist the lopsided 45-7 win for The AFC Conference Championship. The NFL officials have verified that most of the balls used by New England were underinflated by 2 pounds.

I have heard some sports commentators laugh this off saying that given the size of the victory; the ball did not make the difference. Others have used the line, “Boys will be boys.”

Nov 12

Turn from Wrong

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From time to time I encounter a businessperson who is involved in an activity that is clearly wrong. It might be failing to report income to the IRS, not honoring an agreement, or treating others unfairly. When I encounter these hard issues, a common theme often emerges. While they don’t use these words, their actions seem to say: “If God will help me, then I can change my ways.”