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Oct 08

Steps to Completing Major Projects

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Tackling large projects intimidates most people. Maryann is a good example. She owned one store and wanted to open a second store, but the required clean up, modifications, and improvements stymied her for the first month. Every time she was ready to start, the enormity of the space and amount of work intimidated her, and she would simply go back to her other store.

Someone suggested that she break down the entire project into smaller bites, and then get started. She brought in a dumpster and cleared out most of the junk. The progress alone was enough to motivate Maryann to then stay on track to complete the rest of the project. Most of us need to see measurable results in our work or we tend to get discouraged and demoralized. Jeremiah wrote, “Set up road signs; put up guideposts. Mark well the path by which you came” (Jeremiah 31:21 NLT). To stay motivated, set small measurable steps you can accomplish that allow you to see your progress.

Aug 18

What is your Unique Selling Proposition?

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Feb 16

Plot a Course in Turbulent Times

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The current economic downturn is placing tremendous pressure on all businesses and especially many small businesses. Waiting for the economy to turn around next month may make you feel better, but it is unwise. The current difficult business environment is serious, and is likely to last for some time.


Sep 04

Executing Your Projects

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Jun 03

When NOT to Avoid Conflict

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Conflict in the workplace is something that most of us dislike, and therefore avoid. Often, we would rather avoid a conflict rather than deal with problematic issues, but if we fail to act, the problem will only get worse.


Consider Matt. He managed a sales department for a large insurance agency and he avoided conflict with staff at any cost. When he made the nicest of suggestions and was met with resistance, Matt would either change the subject or just say it was no big deal. He was afraid that any confrontation or conflict would escalate into a shouting match. So, whether customers’ quotations were late, staff arrived tardy, or procedures were not followed, Matt would not address the issues.