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Aug 03

Facing Your Business Goliath

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Randy owned a growing heating-and-cooling contracting service in Ohio. Over thirty years, he had built up a solid clientele by establishing a reputation for integrity and superior value. Then the town's largest employer announced a plant closing that put one-third of the town's population out of work. The effect on other businesses in town was immediate. Everyone, from bakers to grocers to retail stores, took the hit. Randy's business experienced an immediate 25 percent decline, leaving him with a difficult decision: surrender, or face the giant. Randy chose to fight, and he ultimately won. His victory was based on following a clear blueprint for battle.


Jun 01

Is the Grass Greener in a Different Job?

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Every year, millions of workers in the United States change jobs—some for more money, others for greater opportunity, and some just for a change of scenery. Often, however, the job hop turns out to be disappointing and the greener grass that looked so great from the far side of the fence wilts quickly. Before changing jobs, you should carefully consider several factors.

May 05

Thinking of Changing Jobs?

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

When it comes to changing jobs, the grass may look greener on the other side of the fence, but often when we arrive we see weeds, brown grass, and bare spots. We may change jobs thinking that all our problems are behind us and the new position will solve everything, only to be disappointed and disillusioned by what we find. Before jumping ship, take careful stock of your current job. If you move, take the right steps.

Mar 10

Keep Your Speech Top Flight in Business

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Martha, a young account manager for an electronics manufacturer, struggled to make sales until her manager took her aside and explained that her use of "hip" expressions caused her to lose credibility with customers. "We are selling high-tech products that cost $5,000 or more, and customers don't always understand the technology. When you sound like a teenager, it just doesn't work." Martha took the comments to heart, improved her communication skills, and increased her sales production.

Jan 07

Communication: Developing the Right Boundaries

Posted by Steve Marr in Untagged 

Communication is a key aspect of leadership, and striking the right balance between excessive withholding of information and excessive sharing is an important part of a leader's responsibility.