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Jan 11

Start-up Capital

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Frequently business personnel come to me looking for assistance to raise start-up funds for business. My answer is fairly simple; however, the implementation may not be as easy. There are four ways to obtain capital for starting a business.

1.      Start by investing your own accumulated funds. 

Frequently an entrepreneur will not have enough funds to properly launch a business venture. In these instances the owner will need to invest more time than money. While this may take longer to get a business off the ground, you will not need to look elsewhere for funds.

May 26

How to Grow

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“Martha” and “Bill” owned a bakery that was marginally profitable. The question they had for me was how to open a second location that would grow their business and provide additional cash-flow and profitability. They struggled with two issues. First, Martha and Bill felt that they needed to be in the bakery most of the time when it was open. They were concerned that if they opened a new location, they would not find the right manager to protect their baking and customer service standards. The second issue was that they were not certain what location would work well.

May 16

Changing Directions

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You may believe you have a clear direction you should take in your business. However, sometimes your best ideas may not be the path God directs.
“Norman” owned a dry cleaning business that was doing very well in most of the six locations he managed. One challenge Norman faced was that one location had lost 50% in business over the last five years. The key issue was that the neighborhood had changed rapidly and most of his customers were moving out without new customers moving in.

Mar 31

Senior Entrepreneurs Partner with the Young

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I have a business venture in mind which will require quite some time to implement properly. In this venture I am looking for the right young entrepreneur who has more time than money. My goal is to provide the financing, business direction, coaching and mentoring to help a young entrepreneur become very successful. There is a very specific skill set I am looking for as well as certain character attributes.

Jan 20

Random Success

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I like to think that if I plan and execute a project well, the results will meet my expectations. Planning is important. We can always revise a poor plan or one that is not working, but we can’t revise something we don’t make. Most business people agree with me that we like to think our plan and actions dictate results.