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Sep 14

The Mission Statement

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Every business, large or small, needs a well-developed mission statement. The mission needs to state, in one or two sentences, why you exist, and what you do well that others do poorly or cannot do at all. Penning a catchy mission statement and then sticking it in a drawer or framing it on your wall without referring back to it will not work. You must keep your mission in mind, allowing it to shape your focus and keep you on a defined path of developing and maintaining your business.

Mar 04

Plan For Tomorrow, But Take Action For Today

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Forward-thinking business leaders spend considerable time, energy, and financial resources determining which emerging trends and future developments will shape the business landscape. Looking to the future is both wise and necessary to keep a business on track and avoid disaster. As Jeremiah wrote regarding Jerusalem, "She did not consider her future, therefore she has fallen astonishingly" (Lamentations 1:9, NASB). However, the bigger questions for most businesses are how to assess, understand, and respond to changes that have already occurred in the marketplace, and how to take effective action.