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Feb 03

Take a Walk-Around Break

Posted by: Steve Marr

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The New York Times recently ran an article titled, “Work. Walk 5 Minutes. Work.” The message was that by taking short walk- around breaks was very effective in improving overall productivity in the personal health.  I agree.


I sit at my desk for extended periods of time and can very easily become glued to my chair.  I’ve learned that by getting up and walking around, I improve my disposition, energy and productivity.
Sometimes I need to plan these strolls because I can get pretty focused at my desk and time flies by.  Some of my phone calls last an hour or more and can be very intense requiring my total focus. At the time I don’t appreciate the energy this drains from me, but I’ve learned after such calls; I take a walk around my house or outside, weather permitting. This is one reason I try not to schedule intense calls back to back.  This decompressing time, even when brief, is helpful and refreshing.
Also I have some back issues. When I move around more frequently I don’t get as stiff and uncomfortable. Even during long conversations, when possible, I prefer to get out of my chair and walk around or even sit in a different chair.  This is easier on my back and helps me stay a more focused.
While I am working, I tend to believe that the more I focus on work without breaks will increase my productivity.  This is faulty thinking.  Scripture reminds us that “By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.” (Genesis 2:2, NIV) I need to remember if the Lord rested, I need to do the same. Part of resting is walking a few minutes to take a break.
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