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Sep 14

The Mission Statement

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Every business, large or small, needs a well-developed mission statement. The mission needs to state, in one or two sentences, why you exist, and what you do well that others do poorly or cannot do at all. Penning a catchy mission statement and then sticking it in a drawer or framing it on your wall without referring back to it will not work. You must keep your mission in mind, allowing it to shape your focus and keep you on a defined path of developing and maintaining your business.

A plant nursery in Flagstaff, Arizona has the following mission: “To comprehensively grow native plant species of Northern Arizona that will enhance the yards and properties of customers.” That simple mission keeps the nursery on track. Often, they have been tempted to carry non-native flowers and plants, but they quickly realized those products are outside their mission.

Communicating your business vision to your customers is also important. The nursery, for example, uses every opportunity to advertise the fact that they carry the largest selection of native plant materials in Arizona. They advertise that their plants need low water and are able to withstand the cold winters, abundant sun, and periodic drought conditions. Customers become accustomed to going there first when looking for locally produced plants. The nursery’s clear vision helps focus the business, along with each employee and their customers, on what the business does well: providing a good selection of native plants. Other nurseries in the area do not have the experience or room to grow the native plants. Instead, they purchase plants from wholesalers, which may not be as well suited for the climate.

By closely following their mission, the owner, staff, and customers know what to expect from the business. Their expectation matches what the businessman deliver.

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