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Feb 07

Understanding Your Style

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Each person has a natural style for conducting business. You are more effective the better you understand the style the Lord has gifted you with. Embrace that style rather than fighting against it. Your style matters.

Pastor Steve is a gifted communicator through his Sunday messages.  He writes out his entire message word for word and it reads his message. His presentation doesn’t let you know that he had word for word preparation.  Pastor Steve needs to write everything out in advance; it’s his style.


Since I don’t read effectively in front of people, I don’t write my presentations out word for word.  I prepare an outline which I stick to.  One line in my outline might represent two or three paragraphs in my talk

We all have different styles. If I try to read from a manuscript like Pastor Steve, I fall flat. If Pastor Steve tried to work from an outline he would lose focus. Neither of these styles is better than the other. What is important for each of us to understand is what style works best and stick with it.

Management style is another example. When I manage someone I give them direction, goals, objectives and expect them to do the job consistently. I don’t micromanage, I don’t want to micromanage, and I will not micromanage. I hire people who will not require an excessive amount of my time in the management process.  Besides, I am an ineffective micromanager.  Other managers may prefer to be more involved and directive in their style and want most things done in a very specific way. This type of manager needs to hire a person who will respond well to this type of management. When I have struggled with an employee who requires more direct management, the issue is more about my hiring failure than the person’s work.  That’s why it is important to understand style, yours and your hires.

Paul wrote, “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them.” (1 Corinthians 12:4, NIV) Understand your gifts and use them effectively. I’ve given up trying to read material to others just as Pastor Steve is wise to give up trying to speak from an outline.  Both of us and those we speak to are better off when we use our personal style.

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