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May 13

Using YouTube

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YouTube is a common medium for communicating all kinds of entertainment, comedy and business concepts. If you use YouTube in your business, I suggest you follow several key principles.

1. Never monetize your video by allowing advertising.

Very few YouTube postings earn $100 or more so you’re not likely to earn anything meaningful. Besides, you don’t want to distract anyone away from your video. You want viewers to immediately click through to your material.  Some of the longer videos now insert ads part way through. This is even more annoying to me and causes me to click off. Nothing should interfere with the focus and flow of your posted video. 

2.  Focus your video on a specific objective.

Do you want to sell a product or a service?  Then, each step-by-step moment of the video needs to be driving the viewer toward that end. Your goal is to ask the customer to act, visit your website, sign up for a free newsletter, or purchase something.

The primary task of a YouTube video is to use the viewer’s time efficiently. Allowing ads to interfere does not create an efficient experience for key viewers.

Remember not to lose sight of the purpose of the video: 

  • Present yourself as an expert who knows who thoroughly knows who thoroughly knows the subject.
  • Present your product as an outstanding solution to a problem.
  • Demonstrate how to solve the problem.
  • Create name identification.
  • Drive people to a website to purchase.

King Solomon wrote, “Do not turn to the right or the left . . .” (Proverbs 4:27, NIV) Keep your YouTube visitors from turning away from your message.  An important way to keep them focused is to refuse to run ads.


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