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Jan 06

Validate Key Items on Your Website

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The beginning of a New Year is a good time to verify a number of housekeeping items on your website.  It’s like changing the batteries in your smoke detector.  If you don’t do this twice a year the smoke detector may fail without your knowledge when needed most.


If your website has affiliate accounts with companies like eBay, YouTube, Google or PayPal; verify your account information. This way you won’t miss important email communications or potential payments.  In the normal course of a business day where you are inundated with emails, you may easily have missed an update that’s important. Taking this step to verify accounts gives you an opportunity to catch up and correct.

Also take the same step with your web hosting account. Make sure that your credit card information is valid and the expiration date has been updated as needed. I know a number of businesses and individuals who have lost their domain names because their credit card information was invalid at the time of renewal.  When the automatic renewal failed after missing renewal notices, someone purchased their website domain.  I usually update my credit card information when I receive a new card. However, I can easily miss one.  

Further you should update the copyright date on your website to 2017. This keeps your site looking fresh and more up-to-date.

Additionally, review a list of all domain names that you own. Take the time to determine which names to ditch, while validating the contact information for those you want to keep. Make sure your email addresses are up-to-date. Again, I know a number of businesses that have failed to update email addresses they changed.  It meant they failed to receive renewal notices and other key information.

King Solomon observed, “Through laziness, the rafters sag; because of idle hands, the house leaks.” (Ecclesiastes 10:18 NIV) While these small housekeeping details will only take you a few minutes to execute, they have the potential to save you a significant headaches and even a lot of money.  Don’t postpone them.

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